How to Keep your 2019 New Years Resolution Fitness Goals: 6 Key Tips to Live By…

January 17, 2019

How to Keep your 2019 New Years Resolution Fitness Goals:   6 Key Tips to Live By…

It’s a new year, a new start to a new beginning of another wonderful year planned ahead… Your weeks into your new year and your new years resolution plans. Is your new years resolution fitness goals possibly to lose weight, get stronger, stretch more, maintain your goal weight…?  Whatever your 2019 goal is are you struggling to stick with it? Have you even started your new years resolution? Are you staying strong or or have you slipped off the wagon slightly?

Here are 4 Key Tips and Tricks to stay on track with your New Years Resolution Fitness Goals.

1. Have a Solid Plan- Make yourself a detailed, well thought out day by day, week by week,  and month by month plan of what you want to accomplish.  Have a check off list or use a fun interactive app that allows you to write down daily accomplishments, struggles, to help you focus on your goal for this particular day. The biggest mistake we see in people is having too general of a  plan. For example, many people’s goal is to lose weight. But this is too general, instead come up with a detailed list/schedule of how you would like to lose weight. Starting with diet…Planning your meals, meal prepping ahead of time, or learning 3-4 new healthy recipes are all things that’ll help you achieve your goal.

2. Keep Track of Your Progress-  Sounds simple right, wrong?  Many of us do not keep track of the even small milestones that we accomplish.  You have been putting in countless hours at the gym and eating really well all week, but you feel like your not seeing any difference in the mirror or with the clothes your wearing. Unfortunately, our bodies take time to adjust and change. It can be  several weeks before we notice the difference in ourselves or our waistband – but this is where progress tracking comes in.  Tracking your workouts, logging your progress no matter how bit or small will allows you to see the progress you’re making in other ways and help you to stay positive and on track to keeping with your goals.   

    3. Wear Fitness Clothing that Makes you FEEL Great-     There is something about a new pair of leggings or a comfortable top layered over your most supportive sports bra that gets you up an moving.  Its like a new shiny pair of tennis shoes, but BETTER!  Finding activewear clothing that lets you express your own individual style with the functionality to move and groove at the gym or on your hike around the neighborhood not only makes you feel great about yourself, but will actually motivate you to go and get that workout done for the day!  Have you tried Brazil Pants- this line of clothing is made for the Women’s BODIES! There slogan is even, “ Brazil Pants was created to celebrate and appreciate your natural body shape and curves.”   They have some of the softest, most comfortable activewear clothing that can be worn to exercise and also out for a nice causal dinner of movie date.


    4. Reward Yourself…   As your days and weeks progress  don’t forget to reward yourself with something you love. If your resolution goal was to lose weight and you notice that you dropped a pound or two, go out and get that new pair of leggings that you saw, plan a fun afternoon stroll with  your girls or make plans to watch that favorite movie with your friends.  Just don’t lose sight of your final goal, but taking time for you and what you enjoy is essential and necessary for you to hit your final fitness goals. 

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