December 12, 2018


Brazil is a country known for women who care about being healthy, and fit, with lots of gorgeous body curves. It is also known that their typical climate is hot and humid pretty much all year round.  Combining a specific type of Cotton material along with the right combination of elasticity made into a material called Supplex is what is used in all of their activewear in this country.  The name “Supplex” has been catching the eye of consumers and gym-goers very often and quite recently now. The trend of what is marketed from high chain type stores in now decreasing and people are starting to really care more about WHAT they are wearing and not WHO they are wearing!!  The blend of cotton  with the rewards of a stretchy, durable, sweat-wicking fabric has made for the perfect construction in numerous yoga, pilates, cycle studios, and fitness crave studios around the world!

So why is this magic material the focus of so many?

1. Extreme Comfort and Seamless Ease of Movements:                              

This material allows you to move, turn, bend seamlessly.  Its soft, durable, and squat approved.  It can withstand your hardest sweat Sessions along with numerous washes in your washing machine.  Supplex material does the job of shaping and contouring your body and it's curves while keeping your motion and figure as the top priority.  It fits perfectly to even the curviest women, complimenting their every curve while showcasing all the hard work you’ve put into yourself, without giving anything away. Feel great while looking great!


2.  Hide Cellulite, better yet… Reduce it!

The dreaded dimples or bumpiness shown through your activewear is no joke.   Nobody wants to talk about it or let alone see it!  When you switch to Brazilpants- “ Supplex” materials, you’ll never have to worry about this gain. It's soft and textured material provides skintight support to reduce the appearance of cellulite and maximize your performance.  Confidence is key and feeling great while looking great is number one!   Why wouldn’t you buy a pair of textured pants to hide and reduce it!



3. Magical Quick Drying and Breathable

Who likes to workout with sweat showing through your clothes, especially in the lower crotch area?  YUCK!! Well, when wearing an activewear with “Supplex” it dries extremely fast, meaning you will never have that sweaty looking leggings in spots or areas that you do not want sweat to show. They are fast-drying so wash them in you wash machine, then hang to dry. Dries wickedly fast! The best thing about this is the fact that it can still stretch up to100x, so even if it looks like it’s shrunk up after washing and air drying, you’ll be completely fine to slip back into your favorite leggings with no problem. But the overall best part  of activewear using Supplex material is it is the most breathable material on the planet! It feels like you are practically working out naked. You feel like your not wearing anything at all!  This will help to cut down on overheating, feel cooler throughout your workout and help to extend your workout duration. Now, you can leave the gym looking as beautiful, dry, and as comfortable as when you first walked in!

4.  Activewear can be SEXY!!

Why not wear it outside the gym or lounging around in a sexy, flirty, and fun way! Go ahead and flaunt your body, show off that shape, and let loose in bright, textured, and vibrant styles that reflect your personal style and feel. 

So Have you tried out and grabbed yourself a new pair of  Supplex material workout gear yet? Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered.

Check out the company Brazil Pants.  Not only is this company dedicated to making the best activewear material accessible to pretty much anywhere, no matter where you live. They also provide proceeds of all their sales to go back directly to the women in Brazil who hand cut and make each piece by hand!  So if thats not even more reason to try a new activewear line… ?

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