Why We as Consumers Should Support Small Local Businesses??

March 18, 2019

Why We as Consumers Should Support Small Local Businesses??

Are you eager to skip the crowds and malls in return to support independent local companies and online shops.  All the big chain stores and companies are funded with lots of big investors and money to help their marketing sky rocket them to the top. But does this mean that their products are anymore superior or better than a small business or family run store?

         Finding unique, stylish and different items and or gifts while also supporting the hard work of small business owners is a true Win! Here are real reasons why you should consider supporting independent retailers with your hard earned dollars.

1. Small businesses and small business owners build their products out of pure love. Most of these companies are making these despite uncertainty that the products will sell or they will make any of their money back. They will pour their entire heart into everything they do.  “Choosing to support an independent business is an act of respect; it’s acknowledging the tremendous risk and challenges inherent to starting your own thing.” - Matt Kliegman.

The owners of a small business based out of Orange, County, California- Brazil Pants.  Owners, Lisa K. Joca and Michelle  K. Alencar reached into their own savings account to help save and provide income to families that were struggling in Brazil. They created their own, unique activewear clothing line based solely on these women cutting and sewing each piece by hand in order to help them raise money to support their families. Portions of all their sales go directly back to helping support and feed the families in Brazil that make and work for Brazil Pants.  You can check out their giving back story on their website and their latest activewear release at: Brazil Pants
2. Shopping small businesses in many cases provides a better customer experience over big box and chain stores. Your purchase is much more meaningful! The  personalized service and unique product usually comes with a hard-hard-working and caring story behind the product. Many times these small business owners go months and even years without being profitable or taking a salary to support themselves. The stand firmly behind their product and pour everyday and night into their work.

3. Most small/and or independent businesses are run by the people, not by board members or investors and not by stockholders. The owners care about the product and the customer as much if not more than the overall dollar that your huge chain stores and investor ran companies.

Next time you make a purchase ask yourself who is this money or purchase actually helping or going to? Is it for a large corporation or CEO for his 6th vacation home or is it to provide food and security for hard-working families!


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